NY Otoplasty Surgery for " ears that stick out too much"

Procedure Details

This 11-year-old girl was bothered by Hal much her ears protruded. Otoplasty was performed to set the ears back, formerly known as "pinning back the ears". Dr. Suzman performs the surgery at the Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center in Westchester County, just north of New York City. Surgery requires anesthesia and takes about an hour. It is surprisingly not painful and relatively easy to recover from. The result is an ear shape that more closely rests near the scalp and head.

Right age for otoplasty?

  • Many parents wonder what is the best age to have otoplasty surgery for prominent ears.
  • By age 5 or 6, the air is about 80% of its adults size so they can look quite full in many young patients.
  • If the ear protrudes significantly from the scalp as sharp angle, then it is unlikely to improve much over time.
  • for significant deformities or asymmetry, surgery can be done as young as age 5 or 6.  Otherwise, Dr. Suzman prefers waiting until the child voices concern over the ear shape.
  • If it does not bother the child, or hair can cover it nicely, then it might be that surgical correction is unnecessary.
  • If it does bother the child or they are teased at school, then it is not unreasonable to meet with a  plastic surgeon to discuss otoplasty surgery
  • as with any surgery there are risks, however this is a very safe operation.  Infections and bleeding or poor reactions to anesthesia could occur but are fortunately rare.  Sometimes there are residual deformities in the year shape or only partial correction as possible.  Overall most parents and patient's are delighted with the outcome.


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