Female Chin Implant and Rhinoplasty Surgery in NY Patient

Procedure Details

Dr. Suzman Rhinoplasty Surgery for a bump reduction and tip improvement. Patient also chose to have chin implant surgery to correct chin recession, also known as a "weak chin".

When is a chin implant needed?

  • While a chine implant is rarely required, many patients benefit from a more balanced relationship between the chin, nose and face.
  • Having  the most foreward part of the chin is well behind the lower lip is a common face shape.  It is neither a medical condition or unaatractive! However, it does cause the tip of the nose to appear more projected or foreward.
  • Chin implants are placed through a small incision under the chin.  They are made of a soft silicone rubber like material that is very safe and lasts for years, if not forewever.  Most patients quickly forget they have an implant and do not feel it at all.
  • Very rarely do they have to be removed or adjusted. While all surgery can carry risks such as infection, pain, or numbness, the raters of these problems are low.
  • Computer simulationmaging can help show how a chin implant may help.



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