Anatomic Shaped Implants in Breast Augmentation: improvements over round

Shaped  breast implants with highly cohesive gel have resulted in some outstanding results for many women seeking breast augmentation, but very few plastic surgeons are using them yet. Previously, only round implants were available.  The results can be excellent with round implants, but for many patients, the shape is not ideal.  While most women are exceptionally happy with breast implant surgery, some patients do require additional “touch up”  surgeries to improve the results. In our New York practice, the revision rate is well below the national average-- in fact it is very rare that we re-operate on primary breast augmentation patients.  There are many reasons for our very high success rate. Part of the success comes from experience and years of advanced training.  But most of our world leading outcomes come from careful preoperative planning and implant selection, followed by flawless surgical technique.  



The key to using shaped implants for breast implant augmentation is choosing the right implant for the right patient. 

With so many sizes and shapes to choose from, it can overwhelm even a plastic surgery expert. That is why so many surgeons stick to one or two types of implants and just use them over and over again, in all different size and shaped patients.  The surgery is predictable, and sometimes the results are great, but often results are average at best.  And revision rates are high, with a re-operation rate of up to 1 in 5 patients within a few years. When a patient is going through surgery, anesthesia, risk and expense, as well as time off from  normal activities, the goal should not be average results-- the entire experience should be exceptional. That is what we strive for at WESTMED Plastic Surgery, and our survey data shows that we succeeding: U.S. News and World Report and Castle Connoly Best Plastic Surgeons awards, Press Ganey Survey top 1 % in the country, and top honors from patient reviews.


There are three basic shapes of cohesive, shaped implant that I use: classic base

that is taller than it is wide, oval base that is more wide than tall, and round base that transition from a gentle slope at the top to a very high central projection.  Each can look fabulous in the ideal patient. Based on careful patient  measurements of nipple position, skin envelope laxity, breast tissue quantity, we select the ideal implant. During surgery the techniques are similar , but the surgeon must be a bit more precise in placing the implant in the proper position so that it cannot shift or rotate. Most any experienced  plastic surgeon can do this , but an overly fast or aggressive surgeon may excessively elevate the tissues, resulting in too wide a space.

Recovery from surgery is identical to traditional round implants. the results should look a bit less “implanty” and more natural in the upper breast.  

implant comparison

Our state of the art 3D imaging system can help implant planning and patient teaching greatly. There are still patients for whom round implants are best. Come meet us in person or with an online consultation for more information.

More information: - Leading implant company. - American Society of Plastic Surgeons website with great info about breast implants: click cosmetic tab. - 3D breast simulation imaging  (complimentary during your consultation with us). - Online community of cosmetic surgery patients with information, reviews, and photos.

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