Dr. Suzman NY Plastic Surgeon Tummy Tuck with No Belly Button Scar

Procedure Details

For patients who are dissatisfied with the extra skin and fat or shape of their abdomen, but are nervous about scars that are very visible, Dr. Suzman can offer a "no umbilical scar" abdominoplasty. The patients who do best with this advanced technique have significant lower skin excess and are not too overweight. The results are typically outstanding, though there is a long lower scar. This incision typically heals nicely over time. In certain patients with umbilical hernia, this technique can be used as well.

Abdominoplasty Benefits

  • Patients with significant skin excess from pregnancy or weight changes who are bothered by the contour of the abdomen are good candidate for tummy tuck surgery
  • The goal of surgery is to restore the tone and shape of the skin and fat and muscles of the abdomen
  • Most patients heal that their core is more strong and her shape is improved
  • Surgery always involves some scars, and in most patients, they can heal quite well.  The trade-off between a flatter stomach and the long scar requires decision-making for each individual patient on whether they feel it is worth it.
  • Most patients are extremely happy with surgery results
  • It is never possible to eliminate every wrinkle of skin and every bit of fat, so results are typically much better than before surgery, but never perfect.
  • Liposuction can be done as well to help contour the abdomen hips or thighs
  • the surgery is very safe and healthy patients near their ideal body weight but becomes riskier with longer operations, heavier patient's, poor patients with multiple medical problems
  • Discussing the risks and benefits carefully with your plastic surgeon is very important, and always choose an American Society of plastic surgeons member surgeon so you can be sure that your doctor has the experience and training necessary to take care of you safely and effectively.
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