NY Tummy Tuck patient undergoes abdominoplasty with Dr. Suzman

Procedure Details

After multiple pregnancies, many patients have severe weakness and changes to the abdominal wall. Proper treatment can result in improved comfort, shape, and ability to exercise and fitting clothing. because of the severe looseness of this patient's contour, and the presence of a small hernia near the belly button, called an umbilical hernia, Dr. Suzman used polypropylene mesh to repair the abdominal wall and bring the muscles back together in the midline. This is also called diastases rectii repair. In addition, through a long incision of the lower abdomen and a small incision hidden around the belly button, the lower skin was removed. Procedure was done as an outpatient basis, sending the patient home in the afternoon after morning surgery. She recovered very well. For patients in the New York area, and for those out of town patient s willing to travel, abdominal wall and tummy tuck repair can be done safely in most patients.

The best abdominoplasty

  • The best candidates for abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, have some degree of extra skin, fat, or looseness of the muscles from pregnancy, or previous weight changes
  • Dr. Suzman typically recommends that the patient be close to their ideal body weight, with a body mass index under 30.  There are online body mass index 2 layers so you can calculate your height weight ratio.
  • When there is significant looseness of the muscles or a defect in the connective tissues causing a bulge, this needs to be repaired properly and often requires a small piece of mesh, or fabric that safely supports the weekend tissues


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