The Dr. Suzman natural NY Facelift

Procedure Details

This nice patient had significant signs of facial aging including loss of volume in the cheek region, discoloration sun damage, fine wrinkles and loose skin. In her upper 70s, it is easy to "overdue " surgery and have an artificial looking result that looks operated on. Dr. Suzman is noted for his very natural plastic surgery results, where patients looked just like themselves , just refreshed. Using incisions around the ears, Dr. Suzman was able to tighten me facial SMAS tissues, remove extra skin, and with fat grafting, restore volume to the cheek and nasolabial creases.

Best age for facelift?

  • Many patients ask Dr. Suzman, "what is the best age for a facelift?  "
  • the best answer may be, "when a patient truly wants to have surgery to correct signs of aging"
  • However, patient's and her early 50s typically achieved an excellent, long-lasting outcome without looking to operated on.
  • In older patients, as the skin becomes more loose, the results are more of a profound change sometimes.
  • Many patients fear looking artificial, plastic, or strange after plastic surgery.
  • With a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Suzman, this should not happen!  overly filling and injecting with fillers can make people look artificial.  Pulling too tight and distorting the shape of the mouth and eyelids can also result in a strange appearance.
  • By using balance of multiple different techniques, Dr. Suzman is able to perform a comprehensive facial rejuvenation without overdoing any one area of the face


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