Male rhinoplasty patient desires a straighter nose

Procedure Details

This healthy young male had a severe nasal injury in childhood when he fell off his bicycle. The injury to the nose resulted in deformity and the tip which never grew as much the rest of the nose. This created a complex deformity-- the tip does not project outward as much as the rest of the nose. Using an open rhinoplasty technique, I repaired his deviated septum with a septoplasty, corrected his breathing passages with spreader grafts, slightly reduced the dorsum, and then did some significant tip reshaping by releasing the old scar, advancing the tip with sutures and then additional grafts of cartilage to strengthen and refine the tip shape. He healed very well, breathes much better, and his very happy with the outcome. He states that it was the best rhinoplasty improvement he could have imagined. Surgery was performed at the Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center located at the WESTMED facility in Westchester County. It is one of the busiest ambulatory surgery centers nationally, with an outstanding safety record

Male Rhinoplasty Basics

  • Rhinoplasty in men differs from female rhinoplasty in some fundamental ways
  • Previous injuries from sports or accidents are often more common, creating some more complexity
  • Many men have thicker skin, which makes changing the shape much more challenging in some cases
  • I always try to set the expectations realistically for a  male patient:  I can make things better but rarely perfect.
  • Most patients are very happy with their outcomes with rhinoplasty surgery and I find that my male patients are often among the happiest 
  • The best male candidates for rhinoplasty surgery have a significant degree of deformity 


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