Open Rhinoplasty in a Female NY Patient

Procedure Details

The surgery technique Dr. Suzman used was an open rhinoplasty with general anesthesia at the Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center. Surgery lasted about 90 minutes. After careful exposure of the nasal structures ( bone, septum, tip), Dr. Suzman gently brought down the height of the nasal bone with rasps, then reduced the cartilage of the middle nose to match the new height of the nasal bones. The challenge here was the tip. In order to narrow and elevate it, a slight amount of cartilage was trimmed from the upper tip cartilages, the cartilage domes were sewn together in a way to narrow and put the tip foreward. To strengthen the soft cartilages, a columella strut of cartilage was placed under the tip then an additional small graft was placed at the end of the tip. A small wedge was removed from the bottom of the septal cartilage to change the angle from the lip to the tip. They pateint went home about 2 hours after surgery,and returned for splint removal on post surgery day 6.

Tip Rhinoplasty Excellence

Changing the tip is sometimes the most difficult part of the nose to controll the outcome.

The skin can be very thick or very thin over the tip- so each patient respods very differently to surgery cahnges,

In this case, careful reshaping provided a great outcome and a happy patient who kindly wrote a very nice online rhinoplasty review of Dr. Suzman!


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