New York rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Suzman before and after photos

Procedure Details

This patient was bothered by the overall size of her nose and felt it was prominent. After discussing this with her parents and considering the various options she decided to proceed with rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Suzman. We discussed the risks and benefits and various outcomes before surgery including using computer simulation to help predict an estimate of her results. She underwent rhinoplasty surgery at the Rye surgical center, reducing the width and bump in her nose and refining her tip. She healed very well and is delighted with the outcome.

Best age for Rhinoplasty?

  • The best age for rhinoplasty surgery is when the patient is physically and emotionally ready to accept the changes.
  • Surgeons prefer that patients are fully grown, a minimum of  15 for girls and 16 for boys, though we often recommend waiting until older
  •  This patient was on the younger side for surgery but was emotionally mature, had  realistic expectations, and had the support of her family.
  • She was delighted with her rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Suzman


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