Removing a bump in Rhinoplasty Surgery with Dr. Suzman

Procedure Details

From the side view, this patient was unhappy with the curve and bump in the nose. During rhinoplasty surgery, the bone and cartilage bump was removed to create a straight nose. The tip was narrowed a little bit to maintain balance in shape.

Nasal bone bump correction

  • When patients have a curve or bump or hump in the nose, it is usually made from a combination of the nasal bones and cartilage.
  • During surgery, Dr. Suzman carefully sculpts this area by reducing the nasal bone, usually to a height equal to the area between the forehead and the nose.
  • After reducing or removing the nasal bump, and nasal bones often have to be realigned in the middle to create a normal appearing nose.  This surgical maneuver called osteotomy- or a controlled break of the nose.
  • Just below the nasal bones, there is cartilage in the middle known as the septum and the upper lateral cartilages.
  • These need to be trimmed to equal the height of the nasal bones after the bump is removed.
  • Great care must be taken to maintain an open airway on the inside so patient can breathe well after surgery
  • Results can be dramatic within natural and straight appearing nose, and most patients are extremely happy
  • Selecting a talented plastic surgeon with lots of experience is vital in helping obtain ideal outcomes
  • Whether you visit Dr. Suzman in his NewYork or Greenwich, CT, offices, he will be able to show you computer stimulation was of how you will look after surgery
  • These are quite accurate and are helpful in visualizing your outcome ( though of course they are never an exact prediction of the results)


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