The best rhinoplasty and chin implant surgery results from Dr. Suzman

Procedure Details

The best rhinoplasty results require an understanding of how the nose shape fits in with the person's entire face. This young woman had a significant bony bump that she wanted to have corrected. After discussing using computer simulation to demonstrate improvement in the jawline neck and chin relationship with a small chin implant, she decided to proceed with rhinoplasty and chin implant surgery. In these rhinoplasty before and after photos, is clear with a straighter nose and an improved balance with the projection and shape of the chin, the patient has achieved her plastic surgery goals.

Recovery from rhinoplasty

  • This surgery took just under 2 hours using general anesthesia at the Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center. in Westchester County New York
  • after spending about 2 hours in the recovery room, the patient is able to go home the same day
  • For the first 3 or 4 days,  it is important not to lift anything heavy, exercise, elevate the heart rate, or do anything that could cause bleeding.
  • By one week, most of her bruising was gone in the splint and small stitches were removed
  • Even though she was swollen at this point she already looked great
  • Over the next few weeks much of the swelling went away and by 3 months from surgery, felt completely back to normal


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