WESTMED Breast Center: Dr. Suzman and Dr. Fou Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

Procedure Details

This patient is in her early forties, was diagnosed with breast cancer and required bilateral mastectomies by WESTMED breast surgery expert, Dr. Adora Fou. She underwent surgery at Greenwich Hospital and plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Suzman performed breast reconstruction with a tissue expander and acellular dermal matrix sling (Alloderm). She was able to have nipple preservation based on her relatively small pre-op size and the location of her tumor was not near the nipple. She did require chemotherapy prior to surgery at the recommendation of her oncologists based on her tumor size, genetic characteristics and oncotype (see the medi port in her right upper chest). She healed very well and three months after mastectomy underwent exchange to silicone implants at the RYE ASC as an outpatient. The surgery took under an hour and we placed Sientra shaped textured gel implants-- 350 cc classic base (anatomic shape) which provided an outstanding outcome.


Greenwich Hospital

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