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NY Tummy Tuck Patient has Abdominoplasty with Dr. Suzman Plastic Surgeon

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This patient was in her mid to late 30s at the time of tummy Tuck surgery. After multiple pregnancies with some weight fluctuations, she was dissatisfied with the overall size, protrusion, excess skin and fat of her abdomen. Dr. Suzman performed and abdominoplasty surgery where the muscles were plicated and repair, some excess fat was treated with liposuction, and the lower abdominal skin and fat was completely excised. Her scar across the lower abdomen has healed very nicely and from the side view it is clear how much muscle tightening Dr. Suzman achieved. The patient is delighted with her outcome.

Dr. Suzman Abdominoplasty



Side View Abdominoplasty



Tummy Tuck versus Lipo suction

Liposuction can effectively remove some excess fat

When there is stretched skin or loose muscles from weight fluctuations with pregnancy, then tummy tuck surgery,  also known as abdominoplasty, provides more benefit.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Michael Suzman at the Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center,  approximately 35 minutes North of Manhattan, NYC, and is one of the busiest plastic surgery centers in the region

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