Saline Breast Implants: The new normal in breast augmentation?

Dr. Michael Suzman | 09/29/2021

Advantages of Saline Breast Implants vs silicone implants for breast augmentation surgery" Implant reviews by Dr. Suzman


10 in a Row: Dr. Suzman Reviews 10 New York Cosmetic Surgery Cases

Dr. Michael Suzman | 07/19/2021

Here are our first 10 NY cosmetic surgeries of 2021. Dr. Suzman shows before and after plastic surgery photos of featured plastic surgery procedures .


Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon: Fillers, Botox, Facelifts & More

Dr. Michael Suzman | 04/02/2021

Dr. Suzman explains how you can go about selecting the best plastic surgeon for your procedure?


What is the best age for rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr. Michael Suzman | 10/21/2020

Nose jobs are popular among teens and high schoolers and older patients too.


Fat Grafting versus Fillers- Which is best for me and why?

Dr. Michael Suzman | 08/21/2020

With such a variety of options, fillers can be overwhelming. Here is a brief guide on how to decide which filler treatment is best for you.


Newest Dr. Michael Suzman Reviews for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael Suzman | 07/29/2020

We truly thank all our patients who take the time to share their experiences with the public with these reviews.


Understanding Rhinoplasty Part IV: Surgical vs. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Dr. Michael Suzman | 07/22/2020

More and more people are considering the popular non-surgical rhinoplasty. What are the differences between surgical and Non-surgical rhinoplasty?


Understanding Rhinoplasty Part III: The Tip of the Nose

Dr. Michael Suzman | 07/15/2020

If your nose has some features that bother you, Dr. Suzman would be glad to meet with you and help you learn more about what changes you can achieve.


How much does plastic surgery cost and how are the prices decided?

Dr. Michael Suzman | 05/28/2020

Dr. Michael Suzman explains the many factors that make up the costs for plastic surgery procedures.


Understanding Rhinoplasty Part II: The Middle Nose

Dr. Michael Suzman | 04/20/2020

The middle part of the nose is sometimes overlooked in terms of its importance to shape and breathing.


Understanding Rhinoplasty Part 1: The Upper Nose Bump

Dr. Michael Suzman | 03/19/2020

When thinking about having rhinoplasty surgery, many people are bothered by a bump or sift in the upper nose.


5 Great advances in tummy tuck surgery that everyone needs to know

Dr. Michael Suzman | 08/15/2019

Here are the advances in abdominoplasty that every one bothered by post pregnancy changes should know:


Choosing a Nose Shape and Nose Size when Considering Rhinoplasty

Dr. Michael Suzman | 09/20/2018

When it comes to Rhinoplasty surgery, do you get to choose your new nose shape or does the doctor? NY leading plastic surgeon Dr. Suzman answers here!


The Male Nose: What Are The Differences From a Female Nose?

Dr. Michael Suzman | 02/26/2018

What are the main differences between rhinoplasty surgery in male and female patients?


Breast Implants in the News : Dr. Suzman comments on ALCL reports

Dr. Michael Suzman | 03/22/2017

Dr. Suzman shares his take on the very rare lymphoma found in some patients with a certain type of breast implants.


The Liposuction Advantage: Why You Might Choose Lipo Instead of CoolSculpting

Dr. Michael Suzman | 03/19/2017

When to choose body contour procedures, and when is liposuction best versus Coolsculpting?


Dr Suzman Featured in New Beauty Article on Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Treatments

Dr. Michael Suzman | 03/10/2017

Read Dr. Suzman's thoughts on cosmetic treatments that doctors loved 10 years ago and why he would never do them now.


Breast Reconstruction for the BRCA Patient: Here's what to Expect

Dr. Michael Suzman | 02/09/2017

Have the BCRA gene for breast cancer and need a masectomy? See what to expect as Dr. Suzman discusses this topic.


Dr. Suzman on how Kate Middleton has influenced the London Rhinoplasty Trend

Dr. Michael Suzman | 12/07/2016

According to a new report, Kate’s beauty influence is going beyond just the salon chair or dressing room, and into the plastic surgeon’s office.


How do you decide what size to be after breast reduction surgery?

Dr. Michael Suzman | 06/03/2016

Does the doctor choose what size to be after breast reduction surgery of does the patient get to decide? Dr. Suzman answers the common question.


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