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For patients who desire a breast augmentation with the natural look and safety of saline, fantastic results can be achieved. Dr. Suzman is a saline breast implant specialist, having performed thousands of breast procedures with the highest degree of safety and patient satisfaction

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Saline Breast Implant Surgery



Are Saline Implants the Best?

  • When looking for the best in breast augmentattion, starting with a Board Certified Memebr of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is essential
  • With your surgeon, you can choose implant sizes and types based on your preferences
  • Silicone implants are safe  and feel great,  though saline implants have some advantages:

Here are the top 7 advantages  of saline implants: 


  • They can be left in  for years or even decades.  There is no need for removal in 10 years.   
  • Saline implants are generally  very comfortable and soft and do look terrific.
  • If they do rupture,  the water gets absorbed and is just like IV fluid and completely harmless.
  • You do not need MRIs or ultrasounds  or any special  testing to take pictures of the implants, just routine mammography  as recommended.  
  • They are  adjustable in size by up to 50 cc, so minor breast asymmetry  or size differences can be corrected easily.
  • Incisions can be smaller than  silicone implants   
  • If the implant  ever breaks or ruptures, it is easily detectable  because of deflation. There is no such thing as “silent rupture “, which can occur with gel implants. 
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