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NYC Area Athletic Breast Implant Patient wants a very natural augmentation

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234 cc smooth silicone gel implant placed through an inframammary incision under the muscle. The size was selected based on the patient's preferences for a very natural result. We therefore chose an implant that was not wider than her current chest wall measurements. This athletic patient was thin and fit and are implant selection met her expectations for an outstanding plastic surgery result. She, like most of our and Westchester and Greenwich and New York City patients who request breast implants, are concerned about having implants that are too large, uncomfortable or noticeable.

Silicone Implant Augmentation



Choosing implant size

  • Choosing a breast implant size based on how wide the patient's chest is allows for proper selection of breast implants
  • In this case, a 12 cm width of each side of the chest mid back keeping the implant base with closer to 11 or 11-1/2 cm was ideal
  • Her skin envelope was quite tight and therefore we used a moderate profile implant rather than high profile for both comfort and shape
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