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This healthy, athletic New York patient wanted a larger breast size. She requested and infra-areolar incision to avoid having a longer scar elsewhere on the breast. Through a small areola incision, Dr. Suzman was able to place a 270 cc implant which made a significant difference for this patient. Silicone implants are also an excellent option, though would be better placed through an inframammary crease incision, which is slightly longer. For this patient, we discussed the various options so she can make a choice which best suited her expectations.

NY Breast Implant Surgery



Breast augmentation incisions

  • Surgery for breast implants requires a small incision somewhere near the breast
  • Most studies show that the greatest safety and ease of surgery occurs when incision is made in the fold under the breast
  • An incision in the areola can be used in certain circumstances though there are some drawbacks
  • The incision is limited in size, therefore, it is a better incision for smaller implants or saline implants that can be inflated once they are inside the breast
  • There can be microscopic bacteria on the nipple, therefore it must be protected from touching the implant using sterile bandages during surgery
  • Too much pulling or stretching through this incision and could potentially result in numbness of the nipple
  • Therefore, doctors must plan carefully which patients receive and areola incision
  • This was the right incision for this patient and everything turned out beautifully
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