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Patient in Purchase, NY Receives Breast Lift and Reduction

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A Latina female patient underwent a Breast Lift and Breast Reduction procedure in September 2021. The patient had a positive experience with Dr. Michael Suzman in Purchase, NY. The surgery was successful in achieving the desired aesthetic outcome, improving the patient's overall breast appearance and addressing any functional concerns. The patient was thrilled with the results, appreciating Dr. Suzman's expertise, professionalism, and attentive care throughout the process. This patient's story highlights the positive impact of plastic surgery in enhancing both physical appearance and quality of life.

Breast Lift and Reduction


18 months After

Breast lift over 60

Is it safe to have cosmetic surgery , particular a breast lift, after age 60?


  • In a healhty patient, yes, you can have elecrive plastic surgeyr with great results in your 50's, 60's, 70's or beyond
  • Makes ure you have a well trained, experienced surgen who listens to your concerns, and has both safety and outcomes as top concerns
  • If yo uhave multiple medical isies, tehn perhaps cosmetic surgeyr is not the best choice.  If  a person has three more considitons, such as diabetes, high blopdd pressure, bleeding or clotting issues, asthma, overweight status,  or other issues, then the risks are much higher.
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