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Vertical breast reduction technique by Dr. Michael Suzman, performed at the Rye ASC in Westchester, just north or NYC. Also known as the lollipop incision, there is no long scar underneath the breast, just around the nipple and up and down. This reduction, from a D cup to a large B cup, is ideal for young athletic patients. Many elite and professional athletes, such as tennis players, swimmers, gymnasts and soccer players, find great benefit from a breast size that less heavy and withh less droop.

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Breast Reduction Incisions

  • There are a variety of breast reduction techniques that plastic surgeons nevus.  While some surgeons use only one technique for all the patient's, Dr. Suzman believes in individual icing each operation for each patient based on their size and shape.
  • A vertical reduction uses a superior medial pedicle, and is ideal for small patients, where the nipple to underneath the breast distance in 12 cm or less. 
  • The more traditional anchor incision also known as a Wise pattern, was very useful when there is a long distance from the nipple to the inframammary crease.  This is more helpful and larger patients.
  • Sometimes the nipple is preserved by maintaining its attachments to the upper part of the breast known as a superior medial pedicle.  Dr. Suzman prefers this technique when the nipple is going to move 8 cm or less superiorly. For longer distances of nipple rotation and elevation, an inferior pedicle technique is preferred.
  • For very large breast reduction severity nipple is over 40 cm from the top of the chest and frequently in post menopausal patient's, nipple can be removed and reattached in an ideal position.  This is known as a free nipple graft and gives great versatility to the surgeon in terms of shape.
  • Another option for very large patient's is a horizontal only breast reduction, where the scar is limited to around the nipple and underneath the breasts.  In many cases these patients can appear to have any scarless breast reduction despite a very large reduction
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