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This patient had very large and heavy breasts that were uncomfortable and she requested breast reduction surgery. Because of her size, short scar techniques such as a vertical breast reduction were not optimal. Using an incision around the areola, up and down, and underneath the breasts, breast reshaped to a size much more appropriate to her body. She healed beautifully, has minimal scars, and excellent functional improvement.

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Areola reduction?

  • Many patients request reducing the size of the areola at the time of breast reduction surgery
  • It is often necessary as the diameter of the areola can be quite large in certain patients
  • An average diameter for the areola after surgery various from 4-5 cm
  • Using careful measurements, plastic surgeons will reduce areola to a more appropriate size.
  • occasionally after surgery, the areola size and shape can be a bit different.  But over time, as the swelling resolves in the sutures underneath the skin dissolve, the size and shape normalize
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