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In this patient with very large heavy breasts, she desired significant improvements in symptoms and shape. Using a horizontal only breast reduction, Dr. Suzman was able to hide her scars underneath the breast without the typical vertical scar. There is a scar around areola as well. Surgery was done as an outpatient.

Very Large Breast Reduction



Free Nipple Graft Reduction

  • In certain cases patient's to have extremely large breasts, the safest way to perform surgery is to remove the nipple entirely and we placed it at the exact middle of the breast.
  • Dr. Suzman finds this technique ideal postmenopausal patients
  • When the distance from the base of the neck to the nipple is over 40 cm, the surgery is often safer as it will eliminate the need to maintain a large amount of breast tissue behind the nipple down to the chest
  • This technique gives complete freedom of shapings of the cosmetic results are often outstanding
  • There can be loss of projection of the nipple and loss of intense sensation, but often patients with extremely large breasts have limited sensation and projection to start with
  • It is best discussed the various techniques available with your plastic surgery to help decide which technique is ideal
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