A Natural and Refined Facelift- What every patient should strive for

Procedure Details


How to Get a Natural Result

  • The more a doctor "pulls" and injects, the more a patient can transform from normal to clearly surgically altered
  • The meaning of Plastic Surgery comes from the Greek "Plastikos" meaning to mold or shape, not from plastic, as in artificial
  • A doctor must be careful not to overuse any one technique, whether it be surgery, injections, lasers or peels
  • The advantage of seeing an American Society of Plastic Surgeons Member Surgeon is that you know you are seeing the best of the best in terms of rigorous training and experience. There is no medical residency that is longer!
  • By having ALL the tools of cosmetic surgery and medicine available to us, Plastic Surgeons can be more delicate with a variety of options, rather than overuse a limited number of treatments 
  • Dr. Suzman calls his facelift a "comprehensive facial rejuvenation procedure."  A combination of gentle skin redraping, deeper layer lifting, fat grafting, chemical peels, botox and perhaps fine wrinkle fillers, all combine to make a delicate, refined result that is both transformative and virtually undetectable that surgery was performed


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