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Upper and Lower Blepahroplasty to treat eyelid skin Facial fat grafting to restore volume to the mid facial and chin and jowl areas Nanofat to stimulate skin collagen and blood flow to reverse signs of aging with a long lasting rejuvenation

Fat graft and Eyelid Lift



Natural Plastic Surgery

The 5 Keys to a natural and  successful plastic surgery facial rejuvenation  result

  1. Proper Diagnosis:  Learn what bothers the patient most and what structural changes are the cause
  2. Treatment Options: Select the precise treatments that can make an impact in a safe and natural manner for each of the treatable patient concerns. Do not simply offer the same treatments to everyone.
  3. Safe and effective anesthesia: Choose the right facility and anesthesia to allow for the treatments in a comfortable and stress free experience. A comfortable patient allows the surgeon to do their best.
  4. Precise and Flawless Surgical Skill: Once the plan is created for the patient, it is time to stick to the paln and do it right. Every time. 
  5. Care During Recovery: Provide patients clear and  simple care instructions and make sure they are able to follow them.  Great results can turn to failure after surgery with improper care. Be there for your pateints during healing, both physically and emotionally.
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