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Notice improvement in the neck and jowl line contour as well as the nasolabial creases and the elevation and volume enhancement subcutaneous cheek. With Dr. Suzman's facelift technique, patients look completely natural, but rejuvenated and more youthful.

face and neck lift

Before and after

Before and After

What's a Deep Plane Facelift?

Many doctors advertise that they do a "deep plane" facelift.

The  deep plane refers to the fat, connective tissue and muscle layer beneath the skin known as the SMAS.

In order to restore the looseness that occurs with aging of the soft tissues, this layer must be tightened and elevated.

Some of the more old-fashioned techniques or local anesthesia office techniques mainly tighten the skin but ignore the important deep layer.

All of my  facial rejuvenation procedures elevate her tighten this deep layer.  However, I strictly avoid overly pulling near the mouth or overly elevating the cheeks upper and outward.   I find this causes and unnatural result  that is all to common with even very well known facial plastic surgeons.

I prefer treating the cheek region with gentle elevation and volume restoration with fat grafting.  Studies of facial aging  show that it is volume loss in this area that occurs more than just falling of the tissues.

Micro-fat injection to the fine wrinkles near the mouth as well as the skin wrinkles can result in improved skin texture, elasticity and overall appearance.

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