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This young woman was displeased with the curve and bump in the nose that did not match her features. After surgery her nose in straight and very natural appearing. She did not want an overdone nose or upturned nose, and the result is just what she wanted.

NY Rhinoplasty Dr Suzman



Who choses the nose shape?

Dose the patient get to choose the nose shape or does the surgeon?


It reallly is a group effort, adn that is why choosing a surgeon you can realte to and communicate well with is essential.  I always take the patient's requests and wishes very seriously and then match those with what can be created with surgery,  Depending on a persons starting shape, skin texture, size, and injury history there can be limitations in the amount of change that can occur.  With computer simulation  ( Canfield Mirror or Crsalix 3D) we can quite accurately predict realistic outcomes,  They are not perfect but usually give a good sense of results.

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