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This young woman was dissatisfied with the bump in her nose and felt was overly large. She also had a deviated septum that blocked her breathing.  Dr. Suzman did surgery at Northern Westchester hospital to reduce the size of the bump, reshape the tip, and straighten the septum for breathing. This was done with a closed approach because the changes to the tip were relatively minor. The patient healed very well and was extremely happy with the outcome. To get the best plastic surgery result for rhinoplasty, it is very important to understand the goals of each patient and clearly define their expectations. In this case, we were able to create a natural appearing nose and improve  breathing.

Closed rhinoplasty septoplasty



closed versus open rhinoplasty

  • There are two different ways to make incisions in rhinoplasty surgery.
  • The closed approach involves incisions on the inside of the nose only while the open approach uses those incisions plus an additional small incision across the skin underneath the nose
  • The open approach allows for far better visualization of the structures and is preferred in many cases by many surgeons.
  • However, many surgeons like the closed approach as they can see the results from each maneuver on the outside of the nose immediately
  • As long as your plastic surgeon is experienced, it really does not make a big difference which type of incision is done.
  • Dr. Suzman likes both open and closed rhinoplasty and chooses the best approach depending on each individual patient's requests
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