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This young man was dissatisfied with the bump in his nose. He wanted a rhinoplasty surgery to provide a straight nose that was still masculine appearing and not overly done. With an open approach, the nasal bones and cartilages were straightened creating a natural appearing nevus and an outstanding result. The best rhinoplasty surgery results in the New York area generally from surgeons with a passionate interest and years of training and experience. Dr. Suzman has years of rhinoplasty expertise which allow him to achieve results like this.

Dr. Suzman NY Rhinoplasty



Male rhinoplasty

  • Rhinoplasty in men has some similarities and some differences than rhinoplasty in female patients
  • Techniques are generally identical however, there are some anatomic differences and patient preference issues that make male rhinoplasty unique
  • It is more common to have previous sports-related injuries and a curved nose from the front view in men.  This is much more difficult to correct than a bump in the nose that is only visible from the side view
  • A combination of spreader grafts and onlay grafts can help correct such curvatures though treatment is often partial
  • Many, but not all,  men have thicker skin than some female patients.  This means that significant reduction in the cartilage might not have a major change in the overall shape.  Sometimes building up the nose in areas creates a better result than just reducing the nose in these cases.
  • understanding anatomy and expectations is key to getting a great result and happy patient


Dr. Michael Suzman is a New York City area plastic surgeon and American Society of Plastic Surgeons Member who is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery.   Whether from Brooklyn, New Jersey, Westchester, Manhattan or beyond, his patient reviews and outcomes are among teh best.


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