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Rhinoplasty to Correct a Wide Tip

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This patient wanted her nose to appear less wide and full in the tip. Dr. Suzman performed an open rhinoplasty where he narrowed the tip (alar) cartilages and increased their strength and projection outward with suturing and a tip graft. The base of the alar rims ( nostrils) was reduced with a small excision. The result is a natural appearing, more slender and balanced nose shape.

Wide tip rhinoplasty



African American Nose Surgery

Many patients  request rhinoplasty surgery so their noses are not as large and "fit" their expectations of a more balanced shape with their facial features

People are also concerned that they do not want to overdo surgery or erase too much of their ethnicity or natural features.

For many African American patients, this means treating each nose and patient individually.  Reducing widths, increasing projection, increasing height from the side view, and narrowing the nostrils can be done in a natural manner.   

There is no such thing as a nose or nose job that is common to everyone.  Each patient and their plastic surgeon discuss together what they want from a result. 

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