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See the amazing results from this younger female patient in her adolescence who underwent rhinoplasty (aka "Nose Surgery", "Nose Surgery", or "Primary Rhinoplasty") with Dr. Michael Suzman in July of 2022. The treatment was carried out in the WESTMED New York Location in Purchase, NY. The convenient location at WESTMED New York Location made all the difference for the patient.

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Piezo Rhinoplasty

  • Shaping bone accurately is part of the surgeon's challenge in nose surgery
  • A Piezotome is an ultrasonic device that can shape adn cut bone with far more accuracy and precision than traditiional techniques-- yes many surgoen still use a hammer adn shapr chisel for nose surgery as the main method
  • The world leading nose surgeons who perfom the best rhinoplasty surgery are using the Piezo many cases.
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