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Straightening the curve nose

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This patient requested cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Suzman to create a straighter nose that allowed for improved breathing. In this case, Dr. Suzman worked with Westmed ENT surgeon Dr. Kathrine Shen, who performed the medically necessary internal septum work to improve nasal airflow.

Rhinoplasty Dr. Suzman



A natural looking nose

  • This patient wanted a very natural appearing nose and also had breathing problems
  • Making the nose to small would make breathing worse and potentially make it look obvious that she had surgery
  • In this case, Dr. Suzman performed open rhinoplasty surgery, with reduction of the bony bump, grafting of the top of the nose with crushed cartilage and increase strength and projection of the tip
  • The patient is delighted with her outcome and feels she looks much better and much like her other family members who had more normaland straight noses
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