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This teenage patient had a prominent nasal bump and some difficulty breathing. With an open rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Suzman straightened the nose and allowed for improved breathing. The patient is extremely happy with her outcome.

Dr. Suzman rhinoplasty



Dr. Suzman Rhinoplasty



Front view rhinoplasty



Teenagers and rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a very common operation during the teen years.

Patient's must both be physically mature as well as emotionally mature  when making a decision to permanently change the shape of the nose.

It is important to have support of parents  as well as a clear understanding of the outcomes that can be  safely achieved.

When young patient has a significant nasal deformity,  they can often feel much more entities with themselves social situations  when they feel they looked more normal.

The patient has only a minor bump or shape abnormality,  and worries about it significantly, and sometimes rhinoplasty should not be the first step in treatment.


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