Hair loss in Women treated with NeoGraft in NY patient

Procedure Details

This healthy patient is some thinning of the hair through her 50s. This became worse after having a surgery procedure which involved a scar in the scalp. She met with Dr. Adora Fou of WESTMED NeoGraft and decided to proceed with the here transplantation procedure using the Neograft FUE method. After transplantation of about 1000 individual hairs to the front and sides of the scalp, she had an outstanding response. She also had eyebrow hair grafting. She is delighted with the results.

Hair transplantation in women

  • Women's suffer hair loss and about the same rate as men, it is just not as profoundly noticeable in most patients
  • For those who have a significant amount of exposed scalp, Neograft here transplantation is a permanent solution
  • During this procedure, the individual hairs from the back of the head are transplanted to the bulging areas, and may safely grow in over the course of a few months
  • Dr. Michael Suzman and Dr. Adora Fou are recognized experts and here transplantation and offer the Neograft procedure because of its outstanding success and safety record


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