WESTMED Breast Center: Dr. Suzman and Dr. Fou Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

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Breast cancer chemotherapy

  • Chemotherapy is frequently recommended for breast cancer treatment when the tumor characteristics such as size, receptor status, and lymph node involvement dictate that chemotherapy will be helpful
  • Some chemotherapy agents have effects on the whole body and suppress the immune system, thereby making healing and reconstruction more difficult.  However, the higher cure rate makes these treatments necessary and worth the risks.  Your plastic surgeon can help you through the healing process, and if problems arise, prompt treatment can still result in a future nice outcome in many, even most, cases. 
  • Newer chemotherapy choices are targeted at teh specific breast cancer cells, such as homone receptors or other surface structures.  These important advances can reduce breast cacner recurrence risks with far fewer side effects and may not impact healing.  Your oncologist can help guide you on these treatment choices.  The National Comprehensice Cancer Network website, NCCN.org has imformation about the latest treatment recommnedations.
  • At WESTMED Medical Group's Breast Center, we are proud of our state of the art treatment and outstainding results. We are national leaders in mammogram rates breast screening and offer the full array of current breast cancer treatmetnts with cure rates and convenice of care that meet or exceed all national standards.  


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