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Basal Cell SKin Cnacer of the Nose: Mohs Surgery Reconstruction by Dr. Suzman

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This patient had a large basal cell skin cancer of the nose. She underwent Mohs surgery resulting in complete loss of the nasal tip and part of the dorsum of the nose, exposing the nasal cartilage. This was a devastating defect that required complex reconstruction. The patient was deeply concerned about her overall ability to be out in public and look normal and presentable again. Dr. Suzman performed a forehead flap where the skin and some of the muscle of the forehead was used to recreate the shape and skin of the nose. The first stage of surgery required keeping the forehead skin attached to the lower forehead above the nose to allow blood supply to the new skin. After about 3 weeks, this attachment to the forehead was divided to allow re\re sculpting of the nasal skin. The final outcome demonstrates a dramatic improvement, where the patient looks quite normal again. The donor site skin of the forehead has healed nicely.

Forehead Flap Nose Surgery



After first stage flap surgery

flap in place

initial morpheaform basal cell

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