Basal Cell SKin Cnacer of the Nose: Mohs Surgery Reconstruction by Dr. Suzman

Procedure Details


Nose skin cancer surgery

  • Dr. Michael Suzman has performed over 1000 nasal cosmetic and reconstructive procedures find that one of the most gratifying aspects of plastic surgery practice
  • Skin cancers are very common in the nose because of sun exposure to this area.  It is a challenge to reconstruct the nose because the skin is usually not very loose, and the nose is a very visible part of the face.
  • the forehead flap is remarkable surgery for large and difficult defects of the nose, known as a pedicle flap, because a leash of muscle and blood vessels is retained between the forehead and the nose.
  • Requires 2 or 3 surgeries at a minimum in order to repair the nose but the final outcomes can be excellent
  • There is always some scarring,  though most patients are vastly improved versus the severity of the original defect.
  • Being an expert in both cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery and reconstructive surgery allows Dr. Suzman to take care of some of the most difficult challenges in facial plastic surgery


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