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6 Resons Why RescueMD is my Favorite Facial Skin Product in the World

By: The Plastic Surgery Care Team


6 Reasons Rescue MD is my favorite facial skin product in the world

1- Ultimate hydration  

A facial skin cream should do more than just moisturize, it should also hydrate, soften and nourish all the skin layers. Rescue MD has the ideal skin hydration ingredient blend.  Panthenol is a Vitamin B5 compound that naturally softens and smooths.  Allantoin is another of nature’s ultimate moisturizing compounds. It is found naturally in such popular medicinal plants as comfrey, chamomile, and wheat sprouts, resulting in skin healing and regeneration support properties.

Rescue MD Skin Moisturizer Fac

2-Barrier Protection

Dimethcone is a silica derivative that seals in moisture, supports the skin barrier to the environment, and helps keep the compounds in Rescue MD in contact with the skin.  Silicone gel is also the leading scar treatment and the Rescue MD formulaiton is a thinner, more comfortable form of the gel that helps with healing and scar prevention. 

3-Finally a  skin product that actually can reverse aging and skin damage

Lapachol is our patented, unique, scientifically proven compound that promotes skin health and repair at the DNA level. By supporting the enzymes that allow cells to rebuild, our studies show improved skin colorations, smoothness,  glow and reduced redness.  As an anti-aging ingredient, it is like no other and truly makes Rescue MD the most effective skin serum for youthful skin available.  After procedures such as lasers,   peels and tattoos,  patients and aestheticians see faster recovery time to full skin healing.  For burns and scars after surgery, the same improvements are seen.  

Rescue MD with Lapachol Suppor

Cul4 enzyme binding helps slow the DNA repair process in cells through a patented ingredient found int eh Pau d'arco tree

Lapachol DNA Repair Process

Rescue MD skin and scar support

4-Anti-oxidants reverse free radical damage from the environment

We all need oxygen to survive- it is the source of life along with energy form the sun!  But living in oxygen also results is toxic effects from energy production in the form of free radicals. These are charged atoms that can donate electrons and cause samage to our cells and DNA.   Oxidative stress is why our cells age and we age.  We can slow the damage by binding hte extra radicals with compounds that soak up the electrons-- these are called anti oxidants and are found in nature’s most healthy plant sources.  In rescue MD, the sunflower seed extract is rich in Vitamin E, the rose hip seed extract is packed with vitamin C and both are potent antioxidants.

5-Stop inflammation in it’s tracks

Injury of the skin from the environmental stressors results in inflammation which causes damage to or tissues and cells.  One of the main sources of inflammation in our cells is a lipid chapped arachdonic acid. Medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen inhibit the effects of the arachdonic acid. Using lipid rich compounds like Sunflower seed oil and other other botanicals in Rescue MD which are rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, the inflammatory process can be calmed down.  This soothes skin and reduces redness and further damage that results in skin aging. 

6- Wrinkle reducing peptides found in the world’s fanciest and most expensive creams

Rescue MD , with the French amino acid peptide blend Collaxyl, provides the skin the very source of new skin growth- peptides.  Studies show faster skin healing and fine wrinkle reduction. 

Our clinical studies show the scientific proof of effectiveness- from skin smoothness to reduced redness. Rosacea, acne scarring, surgical incisions and recovery from laser and IPS and peel procedures are all enhanced.  As a daily gel serum moisturizer, skin health and glow is measurably improved. We are very proud of our groundbreaking product and the rave reviews it receives.

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RescueMD clinical sudy results
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