Dr. Michael Suzman

Preservation Rhinoplasty with Dr. Suzman.

By: Dr. Michael Suzman


What is Preservation Rhinoplasty? Why do I perform it, and why you should have it if you are considering a nose job.

Over the past year I have transitioned my rhinoplasty technique to the “dorsal preservation” approach.  This simply means that the way a bump, or the “dorsum” in medical terms is reduced is by lowering it from underneath, so the top of the nose bones and cartilages are preserved.  In the tradition nose job surgery, a bump is eliminated by cuttin out the extra bone and cartilage with instruments such as a mallet and chisel and rasps.   Nose the bump is removed, the new “roof” of the nose has to be reconstructed so there is not a hole or gap in the surface.  Once a smooth profile is created, it usually healed very well. But in about 5-15% of cases, curves  or bumps can develop as scar tissue forms on bone or cartilage shifts.   This may require revision surgery to correct.

With preservation rhinoplasty, the rate of revision for shape problems  in the profile,  or “dorsal contour irregularities” as we surgeons call  it, is theoretically extremely low.  There is less chance of scar tissue build op over the bone or cartilage bumps, as these structures are preserved.  The bump is eliminated by lowering it from underneath by removing deeper cartilage of the septum and freeing up the nasal bones and lowering the bump on the new stable cartilage platform.

This technique requires a plastic surgeon with lots of surgical experience and knowledge of nose anatomy.  The recovery is a bit easier than traditional rhinoplasties.  

I have found the results to be even better than the old fashioned techniques that Maoist surgeons still use.  I am proud to be the only first surgeon in the region performing preservation rhinoplasty, after leaning out from world leaders in nose surgery from France and the United States.

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NY plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Suzman reduces and straightens the nose for and confident and beautiful young woman

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Reducing a nose bump and straightening without the old fashioned hammer and chisel technique so many doctors still use

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