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The Male Nose: What Are The Differences From a Female Nose?

By: Dr. Michael Suzman


What are the main differences between rhinoplasty surgery (nose surgery) in male and female patients?

While the surgical techniques in nose surgery are generally the same for men and women, there are some key differences.  Here are the main ways rhinoplasty is different in males:

Greater chance of nose trauma history

Many men who seek rhinoplasty have some shape changes from previous sports injuries.   While there are plenty of female athletes who present with injuries from sports such as cheerleading, soccer, and softball,  the contact sport injury rate still seems higher in men.  Old fractures of the nose can result in enlarged bone bumps in the nose as well as significant curves to the central shape of the nose.  Straightening the nose from the front view is one of the tougher challenges in plastic surgery of the nose, so there are some additional challenges to get a great result.  With modern techniques such as spreader grafts, fascia and diced cartilage  grafts, and open rhinoplasty techniques, results can create a natural nose with better breathing.  Because the previously injured nose is by nature more challenging, there may be a higher rate of needing a secondary revision on touch up procedure in the future to get the best possible outcome.


Thicker Skin Texture

The thickness of a patient’s skin of the nose has an important impact on how rhinoplasty may change their shape.  Patients with very thin skin, especially of the tip, can have profound changes, even with minor procedures.  The skin can tighten and contract over the cartilage underneath and the shape can change in unpredictable ways.  Surgeons need to use careful planning, ideal technique, and sound  judgement to create beautiful results.   The opposite is true for thick skin.  When the skin envelope of a patient’s nose is very thick or sebaceous, it often does not change shape much, regardless of how profound the alterations in the underlying cartilage are.   Sometimes in order to create ideal changes, the cartilage needs be added to or strengthened, not reduced.  Reduction rhinoplasty, or making the  nose much smaller, sometimes does not work well in men.  In certain cases, it is better to reduce areas where one can (such as the bridge or dorsum) and adding to the nose near the tip or top of the nose in order create  a natural, masculine shape


Expect less dramatic changes

Every patient wants a very natural result that matches their facial features and expectations.  Men, however, generally  request a more subtle change.  Of course there are some men who want a more dramatic shape change, but for the most part, men want a better shape and no one to notice.  Women are sometimes more used to changes in their appearance on a daily, weekly or monthly difference with hair color, make up and other cosmetic alterations.   It is tough to generalize, as each person is an individual. However, in general, many women are or comfortable with a more significant change.  Computer simulation programs and before and after results review with photos are essential communication tools for you and your surgeon in order to set expectations up front. Great communication and rapport are the best starting points to a great plastic surgery result and happy patient.

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Posted by Dr. Michael Suzman, an New York Plastic Surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist who strives for the best outcomes possible for his patients.  He is widely recognized for his outstanding care and results.  His offices are in Westchester County NY, Greenwich CT, and WESTMED Medical Group has facilities in WHite Plains, Stamford, Norwalk and Rye NY. He also is on faculty at Cornell Medical College in Manhattan NYC.

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