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The MOST Important Facial Rejuvenation Trends in Plastic Surgery

By: Dr. Michael Suzman


Facial fillers (such as Juvederm and Restylane) are great for a quick fix, but for more natural-looking and lasting results, I prefer  what I call a CBP approach to  anti-aging skin repair. 

C  of CBP is for Chemistry, which involves stimulating skin repair  at the cellular level.  The optimal treatmetns involve:

 Retinoic acid, the key ingredient in prescription Retin-A and Accutane,  is the most established first-level approach to skin rejuvenation.  Data shows that topical application of prescription retinoic acid (or Accutane taken orally) over 12-18 months will improve the collagen content of skin, resulting in far less fine lines and improved tone and radiance.  The other important advances in skin repair include topical antioxidants, peptides, and DNA repair enzyme treatments. Our team helped develop RescueMD,  a patented serum containing lapachol, a plant based compound discovered by leading Cornell University researchers. Lapachol was found to actively repair cells’ DNA damage caused by natural aging and UV rays. After 2 months of twice-daily application, the treatment showed improved skin tone, texture and smoothness— as well as improved scar appearance post-procedures and injury.  A skin-care program consisting of daily application of both a retinoid and RescueMD, the patented lapachol containing anti oxidant gel-serum, will help turn back time on skin quite significantly.  Other treatments that stimulate skin healing on the cellular level include working  medium- depth chemical peels (such as TCA peels) into your care regimen. Choose  light to medium TCA peels for light-to-medium skin coloration patients.  For more highly pigmented skin, we recommend a regimen  of lighter-depth peels with glycolic or salicylic acids to get similar benefits.    

Biology of skin repair treatments focus on improving the tissue framework of skin with natural, cellular treatments, rather than artificial fillers offering temporary result using:

  • Fat transfer
  • Nanofat injection

Fat grafting and nanofat—skin and wrinkle injections with one’s own living tissue— have revolutionized skin health restoration.  Targeting the dermis with filtered fat cells by nanofat injection jumpstarts skin repair with your own stem cells and growth factors. Improved skin brightness and reduction in fine wrinkles  are dramatic in most patients.  This is the ONLY treatment I have seen treat lower eyelid hollowing and dark circles effectively. The added benefit is that this in a office procedure without major anesthesia ( and some liposuction is part of the process!).  Macrofat grafting- or injecting un filtered fat, is ideal to restore volume to the deeper facial areas that loosen with time. The cheek and jawline and chin areas are ideal.  Because fat is a living tissue, unlike regular fillers, the fat lives for years and stimulates biological repair and growth of the overlying skin layer. This is the most important advance in facial aging treatments. 

Physics involves using  methods to safely tighten the skin structure physically- with either 

  • facelift surgery
  • or energy based systems such as Renuvion 

Deep plane facelifting has been a great part of my practice from teh beginning- for 21 years.

Energy systems such Renuvion helium plasma radiofrequency can heat and tighten the deep skin layers for imporved tightness and skin texture.  This is a great office based surgical alternatiive to facelifts in the operating room with deeper anesthesia.  Bodytyte is a similar energy treatment done during surgery to help stimulate skin tightening.    Surface treatments are also effective, but to lesser degree than the techniques reviewed above.  These are nice office-based addons for maintenance or treatments of early aging signs: RF microneedling, Morpheus and Fraxel are good examples. 

Contrary to popular belief, skin lifts such as facelift, neck lift, or midface lift surgery can actually give a more natural result than  fillers and office laser procedures alone. It is the OVERUSE of any one technique that leads to an overfilled, tightly pulled result, like the ones that make the news.  Yes, the DEEP PLANCE FACELIFT has been a standard for Dr. Suzman since being a resident at New York Presbyterian Cornell and Columbia University in the early 2000's. Yes, newer surgeons are just now popularizing it. But on its own, a facelift is limited to pulling and  moving tissues. Judiciously adding skin healing stimulation with the techniques outlined above is the key to a long lasting and wonderful outcome.

Trusting a surgeon for your facial plastic surgery procedures is understandably  a BIG DEAL!!! The leaders in aesthetic surgery with the most years of plastic surgery training are members of THE AESTHETIC SOCIETY  , a professional organization of fully board certified plastic surgeon  with years of expertise, who have passed the highest level of rigorous exams.  Their website is a great place to start your search for a leading plastic surgeon in your area. 

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