Dr. Michael Suzman

WESTMED NeoGraft Hair Transplantation Stories: Man with progressing baldness

By: Dr. Michael Suzman


What made you interested in hair replacement surgery?

As a 39-year-old male, I was not comfortable with my situation of continued hair falling and my overall appearance of looking older than I am.

Why did you choose WESTMED NeoGraft for your procedure?

I went to many different places to learn about hair transplant procedures, and of all the doctors, it was Dr. Adora Fou and WESTMED Plastic Surgery who was different-- clearly superior. The way she described the procedure of moving one hair at a time, her caring manner and time she spent with me with was the best. This was what I was looking for.

I did not believe hair loss really had a solution.  Even after the procedure while the hairs were growing, I was unsure of whether it would work. By 6-9 months, it was amazing. My own hair grew! It is perfect.


How has the WESTMED NeoGraft procedure helped you personally?

I am so happy with the result. Instead of worrying about my hair falling out every day, I can now just focus on all the things I need to do at work and in my life. It has really helped me. I would recommend this procedure to anyone. I even plan to come back in a year or so and add a few hundred more hairs.

Is there anything we could do to improve our care?

No, just continue to try and understands your clients needs so you can get them the best results!

And this patient is not the only one: Realself.com given NeoGraft a 100% "Worth It" rating!:

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