Dr. Michael Suzman

About Crisalix

WESTMED Plastic Surgery is a leading practice for the entire range of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Our expertise and experience in breast surgery is among the highest level of any physician practice in the world. We take great pride the in care we deliver and our results and reviews. Crisalix is an innovative tool which aims to improve communication between doctors and patients. The interconnecting platform enhances the relationship among patients and doctors.


Want to know what looks best on you?

After the consultation, Dr. Michael Suzman may let you access your "new you" from home with your own Crisalix account. This will allow you to share it with your family and friends or anyone you would like to get their advice.

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It's simple!

Just upload three standard pictures today to see a 3D simulation during your next appointment with Dr. Michael Suzman. Before the consultation, you can visualize your current 3D body or face and, after the consultation, get access to see your new look from home so you can share with friends and make a better-informed decision.

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