Dr. Michael Suzman

Dr. Suzman Discusses Rhinoplasty Surgery

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I recently had an 18-year-old boy come in who was very concerned about a bump in his nose. He had previously injured it in a sports injury and felt the bump was very deforming. In the operating room, we performed a procedure here at the Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center where I reduced the bone and cartilage at the top of his nose to make into a nice straight line, and at the end he could breathe a lot better, too. He was extremely appreciative. Even his close family members who knew him well, some didn't even know that he had had surgery, they just felt he looked good or carried himself with a little more confidence. And that really is the best outcome from surgery, not to make a radical difference, not to make you look different, but just really to make each individual patient look as good as they can and feel as good as they can. Of all the procedures that I perform in plastic surgery, rhinoplasty for correcting the nose really is one of my favorite procedures. 
                    And the reason I love it so much is, it makes such a profound difference for patients. By making just a small change, sometimes, in their nose we can really change the way the face is perceived. It makes such a positive impact on patients' lives. I direct the Plastic Surgery Department here at Westmed Medical Group. I've been fortunate enough to be able to care for hundreds, if not thousands of patients in the Westchester, Connecticut and New York metro area to help with their plastic surgery concerns, and it can be exciting or a stressful event. We try to make every contact patients have with our practice, from the first telephone call right through the recovery from surgery, to be as safe and as positive as it can be. And the most important thing I can do, as a surgeon, is to try and educate my patients about the procedure they're interested in. 
                    We discuss the techniques involved, the anesthesia, what goes on in the operating room, what maneuvers I perform in order to correct the problems that they have, and then we discuss the aftercare. What is it going to be like in the days after surgery or the hours after surgery? How do we keep you comfortable? It just makes my job fun, and it makes being a plastic surgeon, I think, one of the greatest fields in all of medicine. I've been very honored to be recognized by my colleagues and my patients and other physicians in the community as someone that they can trust, and that's my goal every day, to take the best possible care of every patient who entrusts their care to me. You can be sure you're going to have your plastic surgery in a facility with a team that's experienced and has measured outcomes that are among the best in the country. When we're a good team together, we have a much greater chance of getting an outcome that makes you happy and makes me happy to be your surgeon.