Dr. Michael Suzman

How Breast Augmentation Can Change Your Life

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Michael Suzman:     I started my plastic surgery practice here at Westmed Medical Group because I believed in the multi-specialty model of delivering health care. When a whole team of physicians are working together I really think we can deliver better results. 

Speaker 2:          I had met Dr. Suzman about four years ago when I brought my daughter in for a minor surgery. Then, about six months ago I had come back for a minor surgery on my arm and while I was there had inquired about breast augmentation. We sat down, he showed me various different models of different implants and we went through every option. 

Michael Suzman:     During our consultation, we really learn more about the patient's desires and expectations. If they're really choosing the surgery for a very healthy reason that they feel good about their body and their self-esteem, but just want to feel a little bit better in clothing and feel a little bit more feminine, then they're likely a good very candidate. 

Speaker 2:          So after numerous consultations with him I had decided to go ahead with the surgery. Today, I just feel absolutely wonderful. I should have done it 10 years ago, but like Dr. Suzman had told me right after the surgery, it was quite funny, he said this is instant gratification, and it really was. I just felt like a brand new person. 

Michael Suzman:     It's really about dedicating ourselves to each patient no matter what they're here for, no matter how little or big a problem. 

Speaker 2:          What I absolutely love about Westmed is that you can of to one doctor and if you have an issue, they'll recommend another specialist. 

Michael Suzman:     With the growth of our practice to becoming one of the busiest in the country, if not the world has really been something that me and my whole staff are very