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Dr. Michael Suzman at WESTMED Group in New York wants all of his potential patients to feel as though they're receiving the best plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments available to them. Starting or even continuing your cosmetic journey can be a challenge and a daunting task. Knowing where to begin and what surgeon to use can be the most difficult task of all. That's why Dr. Suzman provides real patient testimonials and experiences consolidated into one place, to allow you to better understand his services and the quality of the treatment you will receive at his skilled hands. Dr. Suzman invites you to read and browse the patient reviews and testimonials, so you can make the best and most informed decision about your cosmetic care. 

Reviews for Mohs Surgery Reconstruction Procedures in Westchester County, NY

5.0 Review from B. Source: RealSelf Jun 04 2018

"Great doctor - Excellent doctor, so nice and did a fantastic job on removing my basil cell cancer. The wind was very deep and did not look like it was going to heal well but now you can hardly tell that there was anything done and it is only three months later."

5.0 Review from D.K. Source: Google Jan 15 2018

"Doctor Suzman closed after my Mohs surgery. The surgery was in a sensitive area, on my nostril. Dr. Suzman and his team did a great job of fixing the wound and after only 1 month, it's hardly noticable. Amazing. I'm very happy to say the least."
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