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About Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a popular procedure performed at WESTMED by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Suzman. He employs advanced, comprehensive rejuvenation techniques that address the excess skin and wrinkles on the face. By removing the loose, sagging skin then re-draping it to create a tighter contour, the facelift allows the patient to have a more youthful appearance. With the addition of fat grafting to restore volume loss in the midface, and TCA peel to the skin, Dr. Suzman's advanced techniques and skills allow for precise results with minimal scarring. A custom facelift will be determined during each patient's visit to our Westchester County, NY office and can be tailored to their specific needs and goals. Dr. Suzman is understanding of every patient's unique journey and cosmetic goals, eager to collaborate with them on their individual treatment plan. 

Best Candidates

While facelifts are generally reserved for older adults, the common age range for patients is between 50 – 70. Younger patients may opt for a brow lift or a neck lift, or possibly a mid-facelift before considering a full facelift procedure. In addition, there are numerous nonsurgical procedures that can help delay surgery, such as BOTOX, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and nonsurgical skin tightening. If your skin laxity is in poor condition, if you are older in age, and have droopy features that a nonsurgical approach cannot treat, a facelift may be a suitable procedure for you. On average, a facelift will allow you to look 5 – 10 years younger.

What to Expect

Today's facelift surgeries are much different than in the past. There are numerous techniques used, depending on the age of the patient, as well as the condition of the skin and amount of laxity. Some techniques address the skin's surface only, while other goes deeper into the underlying tissues. In addition, a full facelift will address the entire face, while a forehead lift, cheek lift, or neck lift addresses the top, middle, and/or bottom sections alone. Some of the more common variations are skin only, SMAS facelift, and deep plane lift.

Other Considerations

  • Skin Care

Advanced skin care is essential to prevent the inevitable progress of facial aging.  With effective moisturizers and cleansing, sun protection, and collagen building, patients can improve the skin appearance significantly.  Along with Dr. Suzman's facelift surgery, he recommends a customized skin care program including Retin-A, sun protection with Elta M.D. zinc oxide based products, and collagen building peptide and antioxidant essential we will products such as Incision Plus. Hyaluronic acid injectables products including Voluma, Juvederm, and Vollure, are extremely helpful in office-based volume replacement and wrinkle filling. Botox and Dysport are very effective around the eyes and forehead for wrinkle reduction.  The combination of all of these techniques can result in a comprehensive program that results in the lasting, natural result

  • Fat Grafting  

For over 15 years, Dr. Suzman has been bleeder in fat grafting procedures to restore volume naturally.with gentle liposuction from one area such as the abdomen or thigh, the fat filtered and concentrated and carefully injected into wrinkles and volume loss areas of the face to create a long-lasting, completely natural rejuvenation results.  skin pulling alone is not enough to create a natural, long-lasting facelift result.  Only with the skilled addition of volume by fat grafting, can surgeons create a natural look does not to start the mouth, cheek or eyelid areas when performing a facelift.  

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Natural-Looking Revitalization

If you miss seeing the youthful face that reflects your energy and confidence, a facelift can help to make you look natural, but revitalized. Using different surgical methods and advanced techniques based on your needs and goals, a subtle facelift can help you look the way you feel. Contact our office to learn more about facelift surgery and schedule your consultation.

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